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“Oh you’re just going to walk away like you always do!”

So… what I really meant was… “I see your point. Please don’t withdraw. Should we take a break?” Or “I don’t want you to feel attacked. When I feel passionate about something, I might sound angry. But I’m not angry … Continue reading

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“I end up arguing with him because he’s usually too busy working to talk.”

Arguing to get a person’s attention It’s natural to want emotional contact with your partner or friend. If you find it difficult to get his attention, you might start feeling ignored. To break through his indifference, you might say something … Continue reading

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Communicating Effectively under Stress:
“This is horrible!”

Fear and anger are signals to pay attention to your physical surroundings, your current situation or your relationships. Appropriate fear and anger often mean that you may be in danger or are being treated unfairly. When you recognize the emotional … Continue reading

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Swearing and Yelling:

So what I really meant was… “I’d like to help but I can’t do so if you swear at me or continue to raise your voice.” In difficult situations staying calm will create an atmosphere that is least likely to … Continue reading

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To fight or not to fight:
“After a fight, we barely talk to each other for days.”

A musical canon consists of “two or more parts that have the same melody but start at different points.” Like the variety we find in music, we also find great variety in types of relationships that work and don’t work. … Continue reading

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“That’s just the way I am!” Arguments: The Red Herring

A “Red Herring” is a verbal ploy to distract a person’s attention away from a real issue. It’s a tactic used to hide a weakness from the listener by changing the subject. The phrase “Red Herring” comes from using the … Continue reading

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“You think I’m too indulgent with the kids? Well, I don’t want to be a dictator like you!”

Parents often disagree on how to raise their children, which can easily turn into a running battle of wills. In most cases, one parent is more permissive, warm, and accommodating, while the other is more authoritarian, strict, and rule-oriented. For … Continue reading

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Sarcasm: “You can carry it yourself. Your arms aren’t broken.”

Sarcastic people often hide behind the excuse of “I was just being funny.” Humor makes people laugh, but sarcasm does not. The word comes from the Greek “sarkasmos” meaning “to tear flesh, gnash the teeth, and speak bitterly.” Sarcasm signifies … Continue reading

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