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People without verbal restraint: Dealing with people who vent too much and gossip about you.

“How can I deal with a person who tells the same story over and over about someone who hurt her 20 years ago?
 Also she gossips about me even though I have asked her many times to stop.” Verbal restraint … Continue reading

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The psychological habit that is as unhealthy as smoking: Rumination.

Rumination Have you spent too many sleepless nights or distressing days dwelling on bad feelings and experiences of the past? Rumination is the compulsive focusing on causes and consequences of your distress. While worry focuses on potential bad events in … Continue reading

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Letting go of things:
“It’s hard to discard things that have personal meaning to me.”

We are often weighed down by the things we accumulate – gifts, mementos, and even furniture gifted to us by loved ones and relatives. We feel that throwing out or giving things to the Good Will would be an offense … Continue reading

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“I’m overcome with sadness about this divorce.”

Emotions of sadness and grief often expose the depth of a person’s feelings of loss, love, or longing. Cutting off those feelings may result in losing connection to the heart. If there is no time for grieving, the feeling of … Continue reading

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“My negative emotions bring me down. I tend to dwell on feeling hurt or angry.”

Negative emotions often indicate that what we are doing is not working for us. They signify that we need to become more flexible—to change our perceptions, our expectations, or our actions. Flexibility allows us to deal with whatever life hands … Continue reading

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“You sound like a broken record repeating stories about your psycho ex!”

People often remain stuck in a state of anger when they can’t get past the wrong that’s been done, real or perceived. Some painful pattern in the past keeps them captively reviewing the events like a broken record. They yearn … Continue reading

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