“I lost my home and job. My life’s over.”

"Courage in the Cockpit" — Dan Lopez by Mimi Stuart
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It’s very difficult and frightening to lose what you’ve worked so hard for, particularly your home and your job, and the security that they provide.

Yet, what matters most is how we respond to the situation. With courage and a positive attitude and outlook, you are more likely to get back to a situation where you feel comfortable and secure.

I have a hard-working friend who lost his beautiful home, all his money, and even his car. As a result of this financial crisis, he also lost his wife.

Of course he has tremendous regrets about his lost financial security, but his life seems to have changed for the better. With an amazingly positive attitude, he has not dwelled on what could have been.

He’s now renting a home, has few expenses, practically no debt, and can live on a lot less money than before. His lack of stress is clear to everyone who knows him. He feels much lighter than before, and is able to enjoy friends and sports activities without the pressure of carrying such a a heavy burden and having to make a lot of money.

My mother too lost her home, as well as her friends and family members in WWII Germany, but she did not lose her ability to focus on what she did have — the present moment and the choice to learn and work hard, and most of all, to be grateful for what she did have. With that attitude she became an inspiration to others — another benefit to those who maintain a positive outlook.

by Alison Poulsen, PhD

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3 thoughts on ““I lost my home and job. My life’s over.”

  1. Gino De Schryver


    I swear as I was reading this I thought it was written about me! David and I lost everything in 2008, although at the time it was catastrophic for us it was also a cleansing period. For years I felt dissatisfied with my life, always trying to get the next thing, a bigger car, more tv’s ect. Chasing that American dream. We had to sell all our possessions to get enough money together so we could move to PA and start over. The interesting part was as we started to unload all these material possessions a weight started lifting off our shoulders. It was such a great cleansing experience. Now we too have less to worry about. Rent a farm house in a beautiful area, raise chickens and ducks, drive old cars that we own, grow vegetables and have no debt. Sometimes I think about the past and what I could have done differently, but not for very long. We both have jobs, live stress free, and move forward every day.

    1. admin Post author

      I just spotted this comment. I’m so sorry about the long delay. What a great story, even though it must have been frightening for awhile. I’m so glad it worked out so well for you and that you appreciate all the qualities in life and you’re relationship that you’ve gained. Unfortunately, some people do remain bitter, resentful, and envious. Thank you for writing in your story!!

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