“I’m stuck. I’m waiting for some inspiration.”

"Inspiration" by Mimi Stuart
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Why wait for inspiration? It may never come. In any event, it comes more often to people who work hard. Such people also don’t count on inspiration, not wanting to be at the whim of such an elusive phenomenon.

In “The Angel’s Game,” the writer David Martin says this about waiting for inspiration:

Inspiration comes when you stick your elbows on the table and your bottom on the chair and start sweating. Choose a theme, an idea, and squeeze your brain until it hurts. That’s called inspiration.

by Alison Poulsen, PhD

Read “I don’t have any natural talent.”

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3 thoughts on ““I’m stuck. I’m waiting for some inspiration.”

  1. Kate

    I can’t agree less to what you said.One doesn’t have to wait for inspiration,as it will never come.In order to get really inspired one has to work hard and look up to those who have been through the similar stages and have now achieved success.Glue your eyes on the right path and the inspiration bug will surely bite you.:)
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    1. admin Post author

      I think we do agree. The title “I’m waiting for inspiration” is not what I’m advocating. I think you do have to work hard, and if you’re lucky you’ll be inspired, but 95% of creating is the work involved.

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