Guest Author Dr. Jennifer Freed
“It’s so unfair; I can’t find a job.”
What to do after College or between Jobs:

"Aries" by Mimi Stuart
Live the Life you Desire

1) Learn another language (people with multiple languages are more employable.)

2) Volunteer especially at a place where you will learn a transferable job skill like:

a) cooking b) gardening c) administrative assistant d) bookkeeper, etc.

3) Intern at a friend or your folks’ business and specifically ask to shadow someone who can teach you something valuable in the work world.

4) Create a blog on a new topic and work on it everyday.

5) Get more education through city college classes.

6) Get fit. Do everything you can to be in the best shape possible. Looking healthy is a bonus when looking for jobs.

7) Visit aging relatives because you have the time and they really need your love and attention.

8 ) Create a 5 year plan and action steps to achieve the plan and take a small step everyday.

9) Read, Read, Read, When you are busy at work you have less time to read and reading improves your mind muscles and your vocabulary. A well read person is a more hirable person in many jobs.

10) Keep your living space immaculate and ordered. An organized living environment helps with work habits and clarity.

11) Stay on a sleep cycle that is oriented towards working so the transition will be smooth when you get a job and you will be well rested.

12) Seek friends who are going places and have good jobs so that you can get tips and contacts from them and so you will stay inspired.


1) Get wasted every day.

2) Watch videos and TV every day.

3) Hang out with low life and complain about how unfair life is.

4) Spend endless time social networking about inane trivia and gossip.

5) Eat junk food and have horrible sleep habits.

6) Run home to mommy/daddy and want them to forever take care of you.

7) Get into a wretched high drama relationship just to pass the time.

By Dr. Jennifer Freed, the author of “Lessons from Stanley the Cat”, a psychotherapist, a radio show host “Freed Up,” on Voice America, & a professor.

Read “I hate my job!”

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