One Creative Way to Conquer Fear of Rejection or Failure

I failed my way to success. ~Thomas Edison People often lack the courage to take initiative because they fear failure or rejection. Yet to pursue friendships, romantic relationships, and work aspirations, we need to face potential failure and rejection without being constricted by the choke-hold of trepidation. When you go out and pursue something you […]

Fear of Making a Mistake:
“I’m deathly afraid of investing more time, money and energy in something that could be doomed no matter how hard I try.”

Errors, mistakes, and failures are part of the life experience. Without them we will never achieve success. Spending inordinate time and energy avoiding mistakes, covering up failures, and avoiding changing course prevents people from moving along in their journey of life. There is no such thing as a risk-free life. Often, failure to act is […]

Dealing with entitled teenagers: “With your attitude of entitlement, you are going to be a failure.”

Judgment and attacks rarely help people improve their attitude. It’s human nature to stop listening when being criticized (teens in particular). Discussing cause and effect is more compelling than fear-mongering. You might capture their attention by starting out with your positive motivation. Then you’ll be more effective by explaining how an attitude of entitlement hurts […]

Developing New Habits:
“I never exercise the way I should. I went to the gym twice and then gave up.”

It is not easy to change old habits, but it can be done. Research shows that people who are successful in developing new habits, such as exercising, tend to apply the following guidelines to motivate themselves: 1. Focus on pleasure. Frame your new habit in terms of what will give you pleasure. Remind yourself that […]

The psychological habit that is as unhealthy as smoking: Rumination.

Rumination Have you spent too many sleepless nights or distressing days dwelling on bad feelings and experiences of the past? Rumination is the compulsive focusing on causes and consequences of your distress. While worry focuses on potential bad events in the future, rumination focuses on past and current failures, disappointment, or suffering. Rumination interferes with […]

Self-doubt: “I’m afraid of looking like a fool.”

Perfectionism is an imperfect way to live The desire to excel encourages achievement. However, when aspiring for excellence turns into the pursuit of perfectionism, then you are creating unnecessary anxiety in your life. Perfectionism is an attitude often fueled by a fear of failure or criticism. In contrast, willingness to make mistakes and look a […]