Fear of Making a Mistake:
“I’m deathly afraid of investing more time, money and energy in something that could be doomed no matter how hard I try.”

Errors, mistakes, and failures are part of the life experience. Without them we will never achieve success. Spending inordinate time and energy avoiding mistakes, covering up failures, and avoiding changing course prevents people from moving along in their journey of life. There is no such thing as a risk-free life. Often, failure to act is […]

One Creative Way to Conquer Fear of Rejection or Failure

I failed my way to success. ~Thomas Edison People often lack the courage to take initiative because they fear failure or rejection. Yet to pursue friendships, romantic relationships, and work aspirations, we need to face potential failure and rejection without being constricted by the choke-hold of trepidation. When you go out and pursue something you […]

Important Decisions:
“I’m afraid I will suddenly realize I am making a big mistake.”

We all make mistakes. Often. The best we can do to avoid making big mistakes is to avoid making big decisions impulsively. Decisions made rashly without carefully considering all sides of a dilemma are the ones that are most often regretted. Good decisions are the product of mulling over opposing factors. Impulsive decisions are made […]

Self-doubt: “I’m afraid of looking like a fool.”

Perfectionism is an imperfect way to live The desire to excel encourages achievement. However, when aspiring for excellence turns into the pursuit of perfectionism, then you are creating unnecessary anxiety in your life. Perfectionism is an attitude often fueled by a fear of failure or criticism. In contrast, willingness to make mistakes and look a […]

A Better Way to Break-Up: 20 Ways to Leave Your Lover
by GUEST AUTHOR Dr. Jennifer Freed with Molly Green

GUEST AUTHOR Dr. Jennifer Freed with Molly Green writes: The dissolution of any romantic relationship is invariably painful: At its worst, it is devastating and harmful and leaves a lot of emotional collateral damage in its wake; at its best, it’s done with tenderness and care, and both parties put aside a desire to just […]

“I worry a lot over my adult children and I often call them to give advice.”

Fear is an important emotion that signals there is potential danger. Being aware of danger makes it possible for us to protect ourselves and others from jeopardy. Worry Worry, however, is an ineffective state of anxiety where we repeatedly imagine all sorts of negative possibilities. Once our children are young adults and off to college […]