Question: My marriage is good on the whole, but recently my husband has developed an emotional relationship with another woman, which almost seems like an affair, except that it is not sexual. I’m not sure what’s worse – a sexual affair or an emotional affair…click here to read the article


“What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.” George Levinger

Most people and even some therapists confuse intimacy with closeness. They think relationships will improve if we communicate with more validation and acceptance. Intimacy, however, does not thrive where there is too much all–accepting, all-validating closeness with another person…click here to read the article


Do you feel threatened when your partner doesn’t agree with you or behave the way you want? You may be seeking a type of unity that is both unattainable and undesirable. Although many people in a relationship feel alienated from one another, emotional fusion is more often the problem than not enough attachment. Emotional fusion occurs when people do not function independently, but are emotionally reactive by being overly…click here to read the article


Some people feel uncomfortable creating boundaries and end up enduring unwanted advances, venting sessions, or abusive criticism. Others create unnecessary conflict by shouting “I need respect!” “Give me space!” or “Stop it!” People who are best at creating boundaries often do so without others even realizing it. What is their secret? click here to read the article

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