“We broke up because of sexual incompatibility.”

Sexual attraction is one of the key reasons people start dating. As individuals get to know each other, character flaws or incompatibility may start to get in the way of a harmonious relationship. Such conflict often carries itself into the bedroom, but it usually doesn’t start there. The loss of sexual attraction may be one […]

Five Keys to a Great Relationship:
“There’s nothing we can do to stay in love.”

Sustaining a fulfilling, long-term relationship is tricky because it requires several essential qualities that may seem contradictory. Most problems in relationships occur because one of these crucial elements is missing or they are out of balance. All five of the following elements are critical in all fulfilling relationships, and particularly in long-term passionate, love relationships. […]

Where’s the passion?
“I’ve toned down my dreams, achievements, and spontaneity so I won’t annoy my partner. Now we take each other for granted.”

Consideration vs. catering to weakness To have a fulfilling relationship, you have to learn to speak your truth and become the best person you can be without living in fear of your partner’s reaction. In a reciprocal loving relationship, each partner’s joy and accomplishments should, by love’s definition, make the other happy. It is important […]