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“I never get to go skiing anymore. My partner doesn’t like to ski.”

"Phil Mahre" by Mimi StuartLive the Life you Desire

Saying “I don’t get to” implies a lack of power and control over your own life—needing to ask for permission. It’s important in relationship that both partners continue doing the things they are passionate about. If you love skiing, make sure you get out there and go skiing and encourage your partner to do what he or she loves to do. People who pursue their passions have a vitality that is irresistible and brings magic into their relationships.

Partners don’t have to do everything together. In fact a little space can be healthy. Tell your partner how happy it makes you to go skiing. If he or she is not interested, you can go on your own to enjoy some fresh powder, groomers, or bumps.

By feeding your soul, you become more interesting and enjoyable to be around. Even if you spend a little less time with your partner, when you’re with him or her, you’ll feel more alive and have something of interest to share.

by Alison Poulsen

Watch “Pursuing your Passions in Relationship.”